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Software Development

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We provide Custom Software Development Services

We are a Cyprus based software development company specializing in providing businesses worldwide with custom development and can assist your company to make critical business decisions by providing tailor-made software like robust and scalable web application development services across various industries and deliver end-to-end website development solutions that power mission-critical workflows.


Custom Application Development

We can design industry specific applications for web, desktop and Cloud


Cloud Application Development

Work from everywhere with your custom virtual secure office.


API Integrations

We can integrate third-party APIs in your custom applications developed by our developers.


Key steps in the software development process

Identification – Market research and brainstorming stage

Requirements – To identify the specifications on the technical and user requirements.

Design – Identify risk levels, applicable technologies, budget, time required and to finalise the design specifications based on all requirements.

Development – Impementation of the design by coding the back end and database and procedding with the front end development.

Testing Phase – Identify bugs, performance issues and functions.

Deployment – Delivery to customer

Maintenance – Hot fixes for minor issues or updates for more compicated issues.