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AI-based framework for supporting micro
and small Hosting Service Providers (HSP)
on the report and removal of online terrorist content
ALLIES Valicom Net Ltd is a proud ambassador of the Allies Project View More
Our Business SiGROW Professional & Personal Development Seminars Our Business CLOUD INFRASTRUCTURE Valicom provides businesses and individuals cloud infrastructure
Virtual / Dedicated Servers, Storage and Network services
We enable organisations to run their operations in the cloud

We design custom, unique and user-friendly websites that are cloud-ready, mobile-optimized, social-media integrated, and SEO-enhanced. Enhance your online business with us by building your online store using WooCommerce, the leading customizable platform for eCommerce.

POWERED BY NEXTCLOUD Available in 100 GB, 500 GB, 1 TB, 2 TB, 5 TB, 10 TB. We provide a simple and transparent storage solution for your sensitive data (GDPR compliant)

Let Us Put Your Business On The Web! Having difficulties migrating your website and emails? We are here to help you migrate them for FREE. Even better let us design your new website and get 1 year free hosting (only for new customers).

Gain external, more objective advice and recommendation from specialized expertise. Review of your company’s infrastructure and suggest ways to improve and reduce costs for connectivity

A vulnerability scan is performed using a combination of automated approved tools. A Managed Security Service Provider (MSSP) or qualified technician then manually reviews and confirms the results.