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We can Migrate your office in the Cloud

It looks like many of us are going to be home a lot more. We at Valicom have the solution that will allow you to work from home as if you are in the office.

WORKING FROM HOME  We can Migrate your office in the Cloud

Valicom Net decided to offer FREE IT Consultancy to get your company on the cloud by utilizing one or more of our low cost custom Cloud Services.

You will benefit by gaining external, more objective advice and recommendation.

We will review your company’s infrastructure and suggest ways to improve and reduce costs for connectivity and work securely from home.

We can even migrate your office server to a single virtual file and move you to the cloud.

You will be working hand in hand with experts who will use best practices and guiding principles for a successful implementation. Execution | Migration | Expansion

The benefits of cloud services are immense. For example, when a server is hosted in the cloud, it operates on multiple connected servers unlike being limited to a single server or dedicated servers. Cloud hosting enables the users to have access to several servers; therefore, the processing power of the office cloud becomes virtually unlimited.

Cloud services are resources which are provided over the internet. Being the latest development in IT, several large manufacturers have benefited from hosting these services. With cloud services, companies and businesses have been able to increase rapidly or decrease their usage of computer for their day-to-day activities; therefore, reduce costs and increase revenue or benefits.

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