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VPS Hosting
Virtual Servers & Cloud – Computing is the technology of the future.
For businesses, cloud computing it’s a business saver. With cloud services, small, medium or enterprise businesses reap the benefits of not having to deploy physical infrastructure like file and e-mail servers, storage systems or any other software.

Cloud-computing services require no software to purchase and install except if you want to use your own custom software.

Cloud-computing fees are subscription-based. This means you can expand or degrade a cloud package at any time.

Linux distribution alternatives

Make a choice between CentOS, Ubuntu and Debian
We give you a range of Linux distributions for your VPS so you can easily pick out in between these Operating System solutions – CentOS, Ubuntu or Debian. Only pick the operating system that you need and we’ll set it up to suit your needs.

We offer 64 bit servers with a choice of different control panels as an option i.e Plesk or cPanel / WHM.

Get the reliability, control and flexibility of a dedicated server with Valicom Net’s VPS Hosting solutions! VPS Hosting is an ideal choice for professionals and business owners in need of complete control of their hosting along with the flexibility and freedom of a dedicated server at a fraction of the cost. VPS Hosting offers full root SSH access command line administration and terminal services along with the ability to host unlimited domains, install custom software/applications, or resell hosting. All VPS Hosting plans come with software packages including Apache, PHP, Perl and MySQL pre-installed.

Windows distribution alternatives available as well.
Windows 2019 & 2022
Microsoft SQL Server 2014, 2016, 2019

Much like having a dedicated server, having a VPS you will get complete root access for your website hosting environment. Thus it is possible to alter anything within the server and then to system it when you have to.

This gives you the opportunity to set up applications that usually can’t be installed with a regular website hosting account. You can create the video sharing portal you’ve constantly desired, alternatively a media–loaded website with video clip converting functions.

And if you need assistance with the server, our tech support team is available to assist you with any sort of query or issue you could possibly have.

ALL VPS come with daily backups.