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Dedicated Servers

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We offer both Managed & Unmanaged Dedicated Servers
For our Dedicated Servers we use top Hardware Vendors like top Hardware Vendors like HP, IBM, Super Micro, SUN, Dell etc..featuring Intel or AMD CPU’s with RAID 1 or 10.

If your company handles demanding levels of processing, traffic and space then a Dedicated Server is right for you.

Dedicated Servers do not share the space with anyone else, thus offering improved performance and flexibility over virtual hosting. You’ll get the full advantage of the processing power of the server.

All Dedicated servers are stored in locked cabinets and access to the machine rooms is strictly controlled by electronic swipe cards. 24hr on-site security staff and CCTV systems ensure no unauthorised personnel can access your servers.

The temperature and humidity in our colocation data centre is monitored 24 hours a day and is serviced by redundant, high capacity climate control systems.

All our network equipment is redundant, for maximum uptime. In the event of a failure in any one device the redundant hot-spare takes over automatically within seconds.

We provide the server, we provide everything else – rack space, connection to the Internet, IP addresses, switch-able power supply, backups, primary and secondary DNS, email; quite simply anything that is needed. It is your responsibility to run the server unless you choose one of our managed services.

Opt for your OS – CentOS, Debian, Ubuntu, WindowsdedicatedOP6
Signing up with us brings you an assortment of dedicated server setups and Linux releases. Just choose the dedicated server that best matches your needs and then we will install it for you together with the OS that you require.

You can order by contacting us to discuss your requirements or check out our plans here

Installation & troubleshooting
Our sys admins are available to provide support to you at any time In case that you experience a server trouble which is overly difficult for our specialists to work with, or if you would like some more specialized software to be added, then you can take benefit from our Installation & Troubleshooting service. Our skilled sys admins can take care of any issue and add any piece of software that you need.

Orders are also available through our call centre at 70001100 or email us using the contact form.